Layers of Reality:
32 Unique and Beautiful Works of Art for Coloring

by Gary Newman

There is often more to reality than what we see on the surface, and these hidden layers can lead to unexpected beauty.

The 32 line drawings in this book may be viewed in any of several ways. They can be regarded simply as works of art, black and white drawings, just as they are. Some of the more intricate illustrations can operate as puzzles, for you to find and illuminate the underlying structure. In this respect, you’re encouraged to look past the superficial details and wonder: Is that a picture on the wall, or a window looking through the wall? Which is the foreground, and which the background? Where does one layer end and the next begin?

And finally, they can be enjoyed simply as stress-relieving drawings to color. The drawn shapes are intended as guides; it isn’t necessary to color each one individually (unless you want to). Remember that sometimes white is the best color. Relax. Let it flow. There is no right or wrong way.

BONUS SECOND-CHANCE SECTION At some point you may wish you could start over on a drawing, or try a different approach. Just for you, this volume includes a bonus second-chance section. All 32 drawings are reproduced again in the second half of the book, so you may try a new color scheme, if you desire. Some of the drawings are simple and fanciful while others are more challenging. They are all unfinished works of art. You are invited to bring the artwork to completion by adding the color that will help define the layers of reality.

Phoenix Century Press • 2015 • 140 pages • 8.5 x 11 inches
Book design, cover design, illustrations

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