On Blogging

Many years ago, I had a blog on the old Blogger platform. It was called One Sweet Dream (Soon we’ll be away from here), and I posted to t regularly for several months and it enjoyed a relatively lively base of subscribers. Eventually, though, I came to the conclusion that it was taking up too much time and I closed it down. 

Now when I design a website for someone, I’m frequently asked to include a blog. I’m happy to oblige, but I always advise them that it’s probably not a good idea if they aren’t committed to posting to it regularly. If people visit your blog and see that the most recent post is from two months ago (or more!), they are not likely to return.

Garynewmandsign.com (or newmango.com) has been up since 1996 and has never included a blog – until now. My intention is to keep it current and lively with useful information related to art and design. I’m curious to see how well I can follow my own rules.


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